Marine Electronics

electYou need directions. You’re unsure of your waypoint.  You don’t know your depth.  You had all that information handy just moments ago but then … something happened.  Now the radio won’t come up, the GPS connotes a 1,239kph hull speed, you’ve got flickering running lights and a weak bilge pump. Is there anything as dodgy as marine electronics?

elect2The marine environment represents a big challenge to the durability and reliability of even the most sound electronic systems.  Also, understanding the risk/reward of having the latest= greatest systems on your boat can be a job in and of itself.  Which is why we specify, install and service marine navigation and sounding electronics systems that are reliable, durable and easy to use and integrate.

elect3We work with industry-leading manufacturers like Garmin, Furuno, Raymarine and Simrad to provide our customers with navigational and sounding electronics that are as innovative as they are pragmatic.  We take pride in confidently specifying ICOM and Fusion radios for communication and entertainment systems.  When it comes to marine electrical systems, installing Blue Sea Systems provides the reliability and quality we seek for our customers boats.

Finally, we know you take pride in your boat’s appearance and utility so we think through the aesthetics and ergonomics of each and every installation.  One of our favorite things to hear about an audio installation, beyond it working well, is that it looks great.

If you’re having problems with your radar, sounder or VHF and would like an opinion, give us a call or drop a line. We would love to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to get you where you want to go.