Boat AC and Heat

electYour wife is hot. It’s late Thursday afternoon, 96 degrees in the shade and she’s just asked if the boat AC is still on the fritz. If it’s not working again this weekend, you may be spending a couple lonely nights at the marina.  We’ve heard the stories so we know when a boat’s air conditioning doesn’t work, things can get ugly.  Fear not, as we have mastered the art (and science!) of keeping things cool aboard your vessel.

The first step is to work with boat owners to understand their unique needs and then find just the right system from our stable of industry-leading marine air conditioning and heating vendors.

Some key considerations:

  • Is an air-cooled or a water-cooled system right for your needs?
  • Does your boat size warrant a compact, self-contained solution typically found in smaller vessels?
  • Do you require a split-gas system, where the condenser and evaporating units are installed in separate areas of your boat?
  • Are you interested in air purification system as part of the installation?

Once we’ve specified the ideal solution for your vessel, we work with major providers such as Aqua Air, Cruisair, Dometic, Marine Air, and Webasto to assure we’ll be able to provide an innovative yet proven system. We then provide efficient and expert installation so your system is installed quickly, functions properly and, most importantly, keeps working.

If your current system is down, we have extensive repair experience and are familiar with a host of systems ranging from small, DC-powered cool-only units found in smaller vessels to a multi-ton 3-stage chilled water system aboard a 150 footer, and everything in between. Also, we maintain an extensive inventory of spare parts and repair equipment so odds are we’ll be able to get things running quickly. We will work tirelessly to resolve issues day or night; keeping things cool is our first priority.

And speaking of keeping things cool, we also offer complete maintenance services from seasonal startup through end-of-season decommissioning services. In fact, review our complimentary seasonal startup checklist here; we like nothing better than to be a wellspring of Boat Systems advice. If you have a question, fire away.

Finally, we also provide marine heating and air purification solutions as well; if you have a need in this regard please don’t hesitate to contact us.